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Cardinal Flat Roofing Ltd

Haringey's Very Best Flat Roofing!

Flat Roofing InstallationWorking across London, including Haringey, we specialise in the supply and installation of the highest quality and most durable flat roofing systems for very reasonable and affordable prices. 

Perfect for both domestic and commercial installations, our flat roofing systems are reliable, incredibly durable and a very cost effective way of protecting your Haringey property from the elements and weathering. Our professional and experienced roofers provide commercial and industrial properties with the very best in roof waterproofing and flat roofing.

Utilising not only our comprehensive experience in the flat roofing industry, but also the very best materials and equipment, we provide everything from roof waterproofing and felt roofing to single ply membranes. For the complete flat roofing service in Haringey, look no further than the experts at Cardinal Flat Roofing Ltd. 

We work across London and Essex, including Haringey, so call us today on 01992304225 to arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation flat roofing and roof waterproofing quotations with one of our helpful and friendly roofers.

High quality flat roofing products fitted across Haringey

Working across Haringey and London, we provide commercial and industrial clients with an extensive range of high quality flat roofing options, including:

  • Felt Roofing
  • Single Ply Membranes
  • Slating
  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Asphalt
  • Tiling and new roofs
  • Lead Roofing
  • Liquid applied membrane

Whatever product or roofing system you choose, our professional, experienced and highly skilled roofers will tailor our flat roofing installations to perfectly complement your Haringey property's existing colour, decor, style and structure. We utilise the very best flat roofing that can be adapted to suit any requirements, regardless how challenging or unique.

Comprehensive new flat roofing installations across Haringey

Our flat roofing installations are some of the very best and most durable options on the market and provide industrial and commercial customers with the flat roofing solution they need. We know that even the highest quality products can suffer wear and tear or even damage over time, which is why we make sure that we have the ultimate flat roofing installation solution that meets your requirements and is installed to last. 

We take the reliability and durability of our flat roofing installations very seriously, which is why we provide ten and twenty year guarantees on all our flat roofing systems. Our professional and highly skilled team have decades of experience behind them, ensuring that you receive the flat roofing installation you are looking for. All our flat roofing systems and products are highly effective and provide comprehensive coverage for years to come.  

Waterproof your flat roofing

The importance of having a water-tight flat roofing system on your Haringey property cannot ever be underestimated, especially given the UK's typically changeable weather! If your flat roofing system is not waterproof and has leaks, you will start to notice problems developing. For example, a leak can often develop into something much worse and can even begin to cause internal damage like the discolouring of the ceiling, drilling onto electronics and peeling wallpaper. Our professional waterproofing experts and highly skilled roofers will be more than happy to advise you on the most suitable form of roof waterproofing for your Haringey property. 

We offer an exceptional roof waterproofing service, covering all types of flat roofing. All our flat roofing systems are designed, supplied and installed to be completely water-tight, meaning you won't have to worry about costly replacements or repairs due to water damage for many years to come. This is exactly why we provide a 10 or 15 year guarantee with every installation. If you are looking for a truly water-tight flat roofing system, we have the perfect solution. 

Expert flat roofing installation across Haringey and London

We provide homeowners and commercial businesses from across London, including Haringey, with expert flat roofing installation, maintenance and repair services. 

If you would like any more information on the flat roofing services we provide, please feel free to contact us. We welcome enquiries and a member of our helpful and friendly team will discuss your flat roofing requirements and arrange your free no obligation survey and quotation.